Multiply Videos


“What is Multiply?”

“The Story Behind Multiply”

“Don’t Be Deceived, Disciples Make Disciples”

“Disciple-Making: The Fruit of Being a Christian”

“If I Believe the Gospel…”

“Only God Can Do the Work of God”

“Prayer, The Holy Spirit, and Boldness”


Part 1 – Living as a Disciple Maker

1) What is a Disciple?

2) The Command to Make Disciples

3) The Heart of a Disciple-Maker

Part 2 – Living as the Church

4) Life in the Church

5) The Local Church

6) The Global Church

Part 3 – How to Study  the Bible

7) Why Study the Bible?

8) Studying the Bible Prayerfully and Obediently

9) Studying Logically

Part 4 – Understanding the Old Testament

10) Creation

11) The Fall

12) God’s Covenant With Abraham

13) Exodus and Redemption

14) God’s Covenant With Moses

15) Sacrifice and Atonement

16) God’s Presence on Earth

17) The Kingdom of God

18) Exile and the Promise of Restoration

Part 5 – Understanding the New Testament

19) Jesus the Messiah

     20) The Great Commission

21) The Spirit of God

22) The Early Church

23) Good News for all Nations