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Listing a resource here does not mean we fully endorse everything each ministry stands for or teaches.

    • Apologetics

      • – Educational resources for the defense of the Christian faith
      • CARM – The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry – Have a question that’s stumping you? They have answers…
      • Gary Habermas – History, Philosophy, and Christian Apologetics specializing in Resurrection-of-Jesus Research
      • Reasonable Faith – A public arena of discussion for the Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today
    • Bible Study

      • Apostolic Bible Polyglot – Prefer the Koine Greek? Here’s the Septuagint and Greek New Testament, with lots of extra resources…
      • – The original searchable online Bible (now in over 200 versions and 70 languages)
      • Commentaries – Online commentaries provided by
      • E-sword – A Free Bible program with both free and purchasable e-Bibles (there are a LOT of free ones) and other resources. Highly recommended. One of the free resources is the Apostolic Bible Polyglot….
      • – A wonderful resource for researching the Greek and Hebrew words in the original language of the scriptures. There are online versions as well as software that can be installed (the free ISA2 software is more in-depth than the free ISA3)
    • Christian Growth

      • Back to the Bible with Ron Moore – Ron Moore has just been named (July 2016) President and Bible teacher at Back to the Bible! You can find his online radio programs here – for free!
      • Blue Letter Bible – Access to verse-by-verse teachings on the Bible from Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
      • Crazy Love – Powerful messages by pastor and author Francis Chan.
      • Financial Peace University – Dave Ramsey presents financial planning and stewardship from a Christian perspective using the Bible and Grandma’s good ol’ common sense. A great way to turn around your financial life if it controls you rather than you controlling it…
      • Focus on the Family – A plethora of resources for the growth of your family, including free access to daily radio broadcasts, as well as many other resources that will help your family grow in God
      • Grace to You – John MacArthur’s website, with more than 40 years of online sermons – for free!
      • Let my People Think – Ravi Zacharias, world renown Christian Apologist, provides free access to his broadcasts!
      • Ligonier Ministries – R. C. Sproul provides resources for Christian growth, including Renewing Your Mind, his online sermons – for free!
      • Love Worth Finding – Adrian Rogers’ (1931-2005) Love Worth Finding’s website provides resources for Christian growth
      • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) – A daily devotional guaranteed to go deep into the word of God. Every year you go though it, you will find even deeper understanding and challenge
      • Os Guinness – Author and social critic, provides great insight into the Christian Life in his books
      • Thru The Bible – Dr. J. Vernon McGee (1904-1988) leads Christians on the Bible Bus 5-year tour through the Bible
    • Family Fun

      • Ark Encounter – An opportunity to see what the Ark that Noah built was like. Encounter the Scriptures as you never had the opportunity to do before…
      • Sight and Sound Theaters – A unique family experience that brings the Bible to life for the entire family. Plan a full day around this event, and use it to discuss the deeper meanings of scripture with everyone who attends
    • Evangelism

      • – Resources to help equip Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission
      • Striving For Eternity – Resources to equip Christians by giving them an eternal perspective
    • Evolution

      • Answers in Genesis – Apologetics dealing with the issues primarily found in the book of Genesis
    • Intelligent Design

      • Discovery Institute – An opportunity to peruse resources that will provoke thoughtful discussion about the issues that we face today – including Intelligent Design…
      • – Everything you ever wanted to know about Intelligent Design
      • Uncommon Descent – Scientific articles and information supporting Intelligent Design
    • Media

      • – Movie reviews so that families can make informed decisions before they spend their money…
    • News

      • – Original and sourced news for Christians
      • – A global intelligence and security news website. Not for the faint of heart…
      • – Sometimes, you just get tired of all of the depressing news that comes to us each day. Visit this website for a breath of fresh air
      • – A central source of news that affect nearly every aspect of life
    • Prison Ministry

      • – Crossroad Bible Institute is an international discipleship ministry for prisoners and their families. CBI equips the church to disciple people in prison with the Word of God
    • Theology

      • – Articles, MP3s & Resources on the Historic Christian Faith
      • The Truth Project – A small group study in how to have a Biblical worldview – includes thirteen one-hour videos for discussion. A Focus on the Family production
    • VLogs

      • Paige Loves Jesus – Do you have a sensitive spirit? Is it hard to find people who are able to relate to your struggles because you hurt so deeply? Paige has a very sensitive spirit, and is able to speak into the pain and suffering of others with a simple approach, her sensitive spirit, and a great heart for God…
    • Videos

      • Everyday Life – An animated short story by Daniel Roberts McCoy.  He had a night-and-day conversion, and was directed by God to use his artistic ability to glorify God.
      • The Pineapple Story – Listen to (and watch in his own words) the story about a missionary named Otto Koning who learned (the hard way) that we need to die to self as we follow Christ. Get a bowl of popcorn, and some wonderful drinks, and try not to choke as you laugh yourself silly…

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