Plan Your Visit


If you are in or familiar with the Hopewell area, we are located just one mile south of Five Points, just before you head into Moon Township.


If you are not from the area, the easiest way to the church is from I-376. Take Exit 48 to Hopewell and go east on Rt. 151 (Gringo Rd.) until you get to Five Points (intersection of Brodhead Rd. and Rt. 151). You will see McDonald’s, CVS, and a Sunoco. Turn right onto Brodhead Rd.

In one mile, you will see our church on the right. There will immediately be a driveway entrance off Brodhead Rd. Don’t worry, if you miss that you can enter the parking lot off of Sharon Grange Rd., as well.



If you arrive at 10:40 AM, you will have time to park, come and get seated. Don’t worry – mornings don’t always go according to plan. It’s OK if you are late! Once you enter the main doors, someone should be there to welcome you and offer you a bulletin so that you can follow along with the service and see what is happening in the church. There is also a restroom off the main entrance you can feel free to use, if needed. The sanctuary entrance is on your left. Come on in and have a seat wherever you are comfortable. Hopefully you will receive a friendly greeting!


You will notice in the service that we have a wide variety of dress attire. We don’t have a dress code. Many people wear their “Sunday best,” but there are many who can be seen in t-shirts and jeans. It doesn’t really matter to us. Be comfortable. The people here who dress up do so because they were raised to dress nice for church. God is concerned with your heart, not what you choose to wear.


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Our service usually begins with singing two songs. You are welcome to sing or not sing as you feel comfortable. Our pastor will then pray and we will sing another song as we worship God with our offering. Please don’t feel any pressure or obligation to give. We know that if you are going to give, you would prefer to get to know us better first. Next, our pastor will give a few announcements and give a sermon. The sermon is based on a passage from the Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, that is OK, there are Bibles available to use in the pews, and the pastor has the words projected through PowerPoint. His sermons typically last between 20-30 minutes. We finish the service with one more song. Most services finish up around 11:45, but we occasionally go an extra 10-15 minutes.



We would love to get to know you a little better. You will notice cream colored cards in the pews. We call these our Connection Cards. It would mean a lot to us if you could fill out one of those cards. In the back of the sanctuary is our Welcome Center. There you will find a basket where you can drop off your Connection Card. And once you do that, we have a special gift we’d love for you to take home with you.


You will likely notice a second building o our property. That is our Activity Center. In it we have a hall for meals and a gym. We’d be happy to show you around, if you would like.

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