Childrens’ Church

During the offering portion of the worship service, our children ages 4 to 11 are provided a child-appropriate Biblical childrenslesson by our Youth Leader and teachers while the teens and adults are taught in the sanctuary.  The lesson includes singing, story time,  fun quizzes about what we can learn, games, snacks, and crafts where appropriate. When it is time for the children to head to children’s church, the adult leader will be waiting in the back of the sanctuary to walk the children down.

Our children’s church leaders are church members in good standing and have completed their state clearances. State clearances are kept on file in the church office.

The children’s church room is located in the lower level of the church. You are welcome to escort your child down, if you would be more comfortable. You child will be dismissed when you come back down for them after the service.

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