Healing Room

What is a Healing Room? It is a time to come away from the hustle of life and push the pause button on your worries and cares. When you come to the Healing Room, there will be four stations set up in our sanctuary. Quiet music will be playing. The first station invites you to sit and reflect and meditate upon the Lord. A portion of Scripture will be available to spark your thinking. The second station is available for you to privately confess any sins to the Lord that are weighing on your heart. The third station is set up for communion. At the final station, a member of our prayer team is available if you would like to have someone pray for you or pray with you. You can spend as much or as little time as you like at each station and you do not have to visit each station. This is your time with the Lord to spend in the way that you want. The Healing Room is open from 7-8 PM. You can come at any time and leave at any time. Come for an evening of rest, refreshing, and restoration. The Lord has done great things in the hearts of those who have attended – find out what He wants to do for you!

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