Prayer Meeting Devotion (2/22/17)

Raspberries are fascinating. A common method of growing raspberries is to plant the canes and allow them to grow for a year in cooler climates. After the1024px-raspberries05 year is over, they are completely uprooted and replanted in warmer climates. Once replanted, they quickly flower and produce a crop. Their roots also spread quickly underground and can easily overtake gardens.

Acts 12:24 says, “But the word of the God increased and multiplied.” By the time Jesus ascends to heaven, there are 120 disciples gathered when the Spirit comes at Pentecost. Once they have the power of the Holy Spirit, countless lives enter the Kingdom of God. Initially, the disciples seem to try and track the numbers. However, as Acts goes on, the numbers seem to reach uncountable levels. Here is where we find our verse – God’s Word just keeps increasing and multiplying.

Much like the raspberry, I believe that God has brought us through our initial season of planting. It is time for our roots to spread. It is time to see the Word of God increase and multiply through us. If the Holy Spirit can use 120 disciples to take the name of Jesus to the world, He can certainly use a slightly smaller number of us to take the name of Jesus throughout our region.

Would you join me and asking God to fill us with His Spirit so that His Word would increase and multiply through us to reach our community, this city, this county, and to the ends of the earth? He can do beyond all we ask or imagine. He is simply looking for those who will go in the power of His Spirit!




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