The Glory of God – Isaiah 42:8

To God Alone Be The Glory

I am the Lord; that is my name!  I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.

Name above all Names

The name of the Lord is the name above all names.  The Hebrew tetragrammaton for the Lord God Almighty is YHWH.  It means, “I am He who exists [without beginning or end] and is dynamically involved in your life”.  Also known as the great I AM, I AM is His name!  God and God alone may claim this name, for there is no one else who is un-created, existing before time and space, eternally present, and without end.

God and God alone is the one who created all things, and in Him all things are held together.  Only God is perfect, and in His character there is no defect.  God is perfect love, perfect mercy, perfect justice, perfect patience, perfect peace, perfect kindness, perfect goodness, perfect faithfulness, perfect gentleness, and perfect self-control.  And in Him can be found perfect joy.  God is perfect, for He and He alone is complete, lacking in nothing, with every aspect of His character in perfect strength, balance, and harmony.

Garnered Glory

Because of the perfect nature and character of God, He and He alone deserves and embodies all glory.  And He states here that He will not yield His glory with anyone.  God has provided His creation with abilities and capabilities.  There is nothing that we have that we have not received from God.  No one can create something from nothing, or even create something form what exists apart from God.  What we find, what we create, what we invent, all has its source in the sovereign will of God, for nothing occurs in the universe without God’s express prior approval and knowledge.

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life continually tell us that we are the center of the universe and should receive glory.  We fail to take into account the overwhelming evidence of God’s involvement in our lives, and that it is only through Him and His graciousness that we can even take a single breath of air.  God and God alone is the embodiment of glory, and He will not yield it to another.  Satan’s downfall was that he desired the position and glory of God.

Portent of Praise

Likewise, God is the one who is deserving of all praise as well as glory.  For if it is God behind the scenes who created all things, provides all things, holds all things together, and sovereignly authorizes all things, should it not be God who receives the praise and glory?  Do we praise the tool, or the craftsman, once the masterpiece is finished?  God alone is worthy of praise.  Men are tested by their praise – what do they do with it?  Do they internalize it, believe that they have done something apart from God and feel worthy of it, or do they yield it to the One who is worthy of it and who has provided them with the means, motive, and opportunity to accomplish whatever feat has been wrought?

Praise is dangerous to hold on to.  In anyone less than God, it may easily drive one to become inflated, filled with pride, and seek to promote self rather than promote the glory and grace of God.  It is good that God does not yield His praise to another, for we are not capable to doing with it what should be done – reflecting the true glory and character of God.  Rather, we often believe the lie that somehow we are innately capable of existing or doing things apart from the Living God.

A Qualifying Question

Let’s ask a question:  Am I pointing all praise and glory back to the rightful owner, The Lord God Almighty?

A short prayer of preparation:

Father in Heaven, I thank You that Your Son, Jesus Christ, has shown us the way to live in His perfect example.  Help me today to reflect Your perfect character in all that I do.  May all praise, glory, honor, dominion, and strength be Yours and Yours alone.  Help me to remember my place in humility before You in every thought, word, and action.  And when I am tempted to keep any glory or praise that is rightfully yours that has been given by what You have done through me, help me to remember that You and You alone are worthy of these things.  Help me to remember that I am merely a tool, and You are the one who wields Your tools to bring about the circumstances that will provide You with the maximum amount of glory.  This I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Want more?  Why not try A. B. Simpson or A. W. Tozer?

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