How to become a Christian

There are basically six steps to becoming a Christian:

 1.  Acknowledge that this is God’s world.

God created everything in the universe, including planet Earth, and us.  God has absolute, sovereign authority over all He created.  Because of His creation, no one is without excuse for recognizing God‘s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature.

2.  Realize that God has a standard.

God is a Holy and just GodHe has a standard – perfection.  Since God is a just God, he must punish all sin (disobedience to God and His LawGod did not originally intend for mankind to go to His jail, Hell (the lake of fire).  But what is a just God to do?

3.  Everyone has sinned – broken God’s standard.

In the beginning, there was only one rule – do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evilGod only needed one rule – in order to establish that He is sovereign.  And Adam and Eve broke it.  When Adam sinned, he started a chain of events where all mankind now intrinsically has a sin nature – an automatic inclination to disobey God.

Later, mankind was given the Ten Commandments.  And we still couldn’t follow them!  So God gave the Israelites a number of laws in the Bible in the book of Leviticus, in order to show people how they should be in relationship with each other, and with Holy God.

4.  Someone has to pay the price for sin

If anyone could follow the Ten Commandments perfectly, they would qualify to be righteous before Holy God.  He gave the Ten Commandments to us to show us that no one with a sin nature can follow them perfectly.  This then demonstrates to us that we are guilty, and worthy of the penalty of sindeath (eternal separation from Holy God).  So, if nothing was done, God would have to justly put all who were guilty (condemned) in His prison.

What is a Holy God to do?

God, being Just AND Merciful (not getting what you deserve) AND full of Grace (getting something wonderful that you DON’T deserve), decided that the only way to satisfy justice would be to pay the debt of sin Himself.

Jesus Christ, God‘s One and only Son, was sent to this Earth to be a perfect sacrifice.  Because He was born of the Holy Spirit to a virgin, Mary, He was born without a sin nature.  He was able to perfectly live out His life according to God‘s law.  And when He was crucified, He bore the sins of every person whom He created, Adam from dust, Eve from Adam, and everyone else who would ever be conceived from the beginning of time to the very end of time.  Because Jesus did everything perfectly, three days later God raised Him from the dead.

5.  A great gift – The Great Exchange

In a legal maneuver (remember, God is a Just JUDGE), God performed The Great Exchange.  Jesus Christ, who bore our sins, offered His perfect, sinless blood in exchange for our sin (which He bore on the cross to satisfy the Law).  We were now declared legally righteous in God‘s eyes.  This happens because, when we accept Jesus‘ payment for our sin with His righteousness, our “account” is “wiped clean” of sin (because Jesus bore them for us) and is credited with the righteousness of Christ.  Now, when God see us, He sees us through the righteousness of Christ, and we can now be reconciled to Him.

Think about it this way.  Let’s say you broke the law here on Earth somehow (for this example, let’s say that you squandered one Trillion U.S. Dollars).  Your fine is to repay all the money that you squandered.  You can’t pay the fine.  In order to meet justice, you will need to spend the rest of your life in jail (a just sentence that fits the crime).  The judge then says to you, “Is it true?  Have you committed this crime?”  You reply, with sincerity and being grieved by the realization of the pain and suffering you caused everyone, “Yes, your honor.  I did all these these things, and I am ashamed and beg for the mercy of the court.”

Now, suppose someone who you have never met before in your life who is in the courtroom stands up and says, “Your Honor, I would like to speak on behalf of the defendant.  He has shown his contrition to what he has done, and I believe him.  Although he may break the law again, I believe that he is going to act in a way that is beneficial to society.  Therefore, I would like to pay his debt of one Trillion dollars.  If he breaks the law again, I will pay that debt as well, even if it requires my life.  I will also pay the debt for any other laws he has broken in the past.”  The judge then replies, “Very well.  I know you well, my son.  The court accepts your payment on behalf of the defendant.  The defendant is now free and exonerated of all charges.  Court is dismissed.”

6.  It’s your choice

A perfect stranger (at least, in your eyes) pleads to the judge on your behalf, pays your fine, and you are set free, as though you never committed a crime.  How do you respond?  Would you not be grateful to that person?  Would you not want to get to know that person?  Would you not say to that person, “I cannot ever repay you.  But anything you ask of me I will do for you if it is within my power to do so!”?

Jesus paid our fine with His sinless blood on the cross so that we would be set free from sin and the wrath of God.  It cost us nothing to accept this free gift, but it cost God an unfathomable amount to pay it.  All that is required is that we believe by faith and faith alone, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that God raised Him from the dead for our sins.

The choice is yours on how you will respond.  If the Holy Spirit is prompting you today, respond and accept this free gift.  If you want to accept this free gift, please cry out to God; confess your sins to Him; ask Jesus to be Lord of your life.  And God, who is faithful, will remove your sin, free you from the bondage of sin, and will take up residence within you.

If you don’t know how to pray, and would like a suggestion on how to cry out to God, please feel free to verbally talk to God (just as if He was standing right in front of you) with words similar to the ones below.


This prayer will not save you; for it is with your mouth that you confess that Jesus is Lord; and it is with your heart that you believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.  This is a declaration of:

– Acknowledgement of who God is and who you are;
– How sorry you are for sinning against God;
– Your need for His forgiveness;
– Your desire for Jesus to take over your life; and
– Your desire to live your life for God in gratitude for what He has done for you.


Father in Heaven.  I have sinned against you, and You are a holy and just God.  I need your forgiveness, and I know I don’t deserve it.  Please forgive me.  I now ask You, Jesus, to come into my life, to be Lord over it.  You are perfect and holy.  Anything you ask me to do, I will do it; for I believe that anything that You ask me to do, You will provide a way to do it.  I believe in my heart that God has raised you from the dead.  Thank You for this precious gift.  Lead me now in the way I should go.  Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer (or one like it), confessed with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, you are saved!  Rejoice and be glad!

You should now seek out a Bible-teaching, Bible-believing church in your area.  If you don’t know of any, Contact Us, and we will help you to find one.  If you don’t have a Bible, you should buy one, or ask your church for one.  Read it daily.  It contains God‘s Love Letters to us, showing us who He is, who we are, and how we should be living our lives for Him.