How to Become a Christian – Young Adult Version

God made us, the universe and everything.1 - In the Beginning - Cropped  In the beginning, we were friends with God, and we were able to talk with Him, be with Him, and enjoy (just about) everything with Him.





But then one day, Adam, the first man He made, disobeyed God and ate fruit from a tree 2 - The problem - Croppedthat God said he wasn’t allowed to eat.  When Adam did that, he sinned (disobeyed God), and a great spiritual valley formed between man and God, and we became enemies.  God also kicked Adam and his wife Eve out of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived and God frequently visited.

God knew that there was no way for us to cross the spiritual valley and become God’s friend again.  God is a judge, and we are judged guilty of breaking God’s law.  We had no way to get across to be God’s friend again.  There is a very high price that had to be paid to pay our fine for sinning, and not one of us can pay it.  The penalty for sinning is death – forever being apart from God and never being His friend again.

God was sad, and loves us all very much.  God loves us so much that He decided that He would pay our fine (debt to Him) Himself.  He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to Earth to pay our debt.  3 - The Solution - croppedIt cost His son, Jesus Christ, His perfect life to pay our debt.  Once Jesus Christ did everything God asked Him to do, including dying on a cross, God accepted the payment and brought Jesus back to life (God resurrected Jesus).


4 - Reconciled - croppedJesus Christ become the bridge between us and God so that we could cross the spiritual valley and be friends with God again.   Our sin was paid for by Jesus’ perfect blood on the Cross, crushing the power that sin has in our lives, and giving us direct access to God.


God wants us to stop breaking His law.  Do you ever feel guilty when you do something wrong?  That is God telling you that you have broken His law.  He wants to give you a special free gift – His Son, Jesus Christ, who paid for your sin.

It costs nothing to accept this free gift.  To receive this wonderful gift, we should accept Jesus into our heart.  Jesus will show us how to live the way God wants us to live, and will help us to live that way by giving us strength and direction.  All we need to do is ask God to forgive us for breaking His law, let Him know how sorry we are, and ask Jesus into our heart.

God is faithful – He always does everything He promises to do.  And He promises to help you, protect you, provide what you need ( but not everything you want), be your friend, and remove the guilt you have for your past sins.  To help you understand what God wants you to do, you should read your Bible every day.  God will use it to help you to change and become an even better friend with Him.  If you are ever in trouble, cry out to Jesus who will help you.

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